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Professional social networking is a growing branch of business

Professional social networking is a constantly growing branch of online business, and one should hurry up not to lose some great opportunities.

If you have already inquired about a custom-made social networking site for businesses and companies like LinkedIn, you probably know something about the price. How much you were told it would cost? $10000, $20000, or even maybe $50K? Well this is market, and business software (that is, not individuals need it, but businesses) should cost a lot... or should it?

Our team thinks differently. BusinessSpace social networking software for companies costs 797 dollars, is customizable, can be redesigned, and custom modules can be written for you by our programmers, prices starting with 50 dollars for a mod. You can use this software to start a community for your company or to start a LinkedIn clone site, for all the companies to have an account on your site.

You can also order a unique design for the BusinessSpace package, so that your particular site would be different from anything there is on the market. This will cost you as low as 200 dollars more. 200 USD for a professional shiny design, HTML cutting, and attaching to the site. Also there is an opportunity to order a Multi Domain License, meaning you will be able to start up to 5 sites with different business models and look which one is more profitable.

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