BusinessSpace: Professional Social Networking Made Easy

BusinessSpace - Social Networking in a Box

BusinessSpace is an enterprise collaboration software designed to stand up to and keep in pace with today’s ever-evolving, rapidly-growing world of online business and entrepreneurship. Enterprise community software has been taken up to another lever by the developers of BusinessSpace separating itself from regular social networking software and community software. BusinessSpace is not just a social network CMS, not just a LinkedIn clone: it’s more than that. BusinessSpace was developed by business people, just like you. This means that this business networking software is laced with the features that a businessman, employer, employee or entrepreneur needs. No fancy community software applications, no fancy profiles: it’s simply strictly business. Because that’s what BusinessSpace enterprise social networking software is all about – business.

Let’s have a look at a quick overview of BusinessSpace employee social networking software: * Informative Profiles – let your business enterprise software members and users provide all the necessary information, making way for information exchange in a business environment. * Various Alerts and Real-time Notification Tools – business is all about appointments, meetings, dates, times, etc. BusinessSpace PHP social networking script includes an advanced system of community-wide and local announcements, calendars, tasks and much more. BusinessSpace intranet software is all about organizing, time-management and business networking. * Dynamic Groups – allow the collaboration script powered website create site in site networks (groups) based on business relationships, interests and even whole companies. The dynamic grouping features of BusinessSpace business networking software is all about business collaboration that counts. * Contact Importers – allow business community software website members import their Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace, and Facebook contacts directly. This means that keeping in touch and doing business has never been easier. Once a member’s contacts are added the enterprise community software engine makes it possible to send e-mail notifications directly from the web community software driven website. * Job Listings, Bulletins, Classifieds – professional social networking script members can let the world know that they mean business instantly and easily. BusinessSpace collaboration software has the right tools for effective feedback and communication among employee social networking software users. * Contact Management Tools – let business social software members organize their contacts into groups, adding information, notes, and notifications for each contact. This enterprise collaboration software, thus, allows members to effectively manage their business contacts online. BusinessSpace social networking software is all about business and keeping in touch. Powerful, yet compact business enterprise software solutions and features make BusinessSpace an open source social networking that’s incredibly needed by businesspeople online.