LinkedIn Clone

BusinessSpace - LinkedIn in a Box

Social networking has covered almost every Internet user's life. Millions of Facebook members, MySpace members, etc. Social networking has found its way to online and offline business as well. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social network platform founded launched in early 2003. It is mainly used for business and professional networking powered by a powerful social networking script, similar to Facebook's, but with its own peculiarities. LinkedIn is currently a bee-hive hosting over 30 million registered users in 150 industries. "For business, using LinkedIn is NOT an option. Facebook is optional. Twitter is optional. Having a blog is optional. Yahoo! Groups are optional. But LinkedIn is not optional."

Just imagine how great it would be to operate and run your own LinkedIn script. Business social software has never been available before. Whether you ran your own company, or simply wanted to get down to business you would have had to get hold of an expensive online community script and pay twice or three times as much to get it modified to suit today's online business collaboration needs. And that was the "easy" way. Getting an online business community software coded from scratch would take years and empty your pockets. Not today! BusinessSpace is a new social networking piece of software written from scratch and born to be a professional social networking script. BusinessSpace is all about business. BusinessSpace means business. The development company responsible for BusinessSpace is "Absolutely Bright Knowledge LTD." and has been a guru in the community software industry since 2001. With major forces working around the clock on a stable social network script, and a whole department engineering business community software trends, BusinessSpace managed to compile a ready-to-go solution for business owners, entrepreneurs, outsourcing companies, and even home Internet users. The developers have tried to keep up with all the latest trends and needs in enterprise social networking software and came up with an online business community script which was built for teams, companies, and communities looking for a productive way to find and work with each other. Eliminating redundant conversations, meetings, emails, and ideas by opening doors to new connections between co-workers, partners, and customers helps members find the right people with whom to collaborate. A primary concept of BusinessSpace was that of having feature-rich individual and network organization tools. BusinessSpace might be considered a LinkedIn clone but in fact is not. BusinessSpace was designed and developed from scratch, with months of online and offline research work, analysis, and collaboration. Business and business partnership have own concepts and needs, and endeavoring to fully satisfy these needs and applying basic and advanced concepts BusinessSpace took its first breath. With your guidance, administration and management you will be able to see your own LinkedIn script take its first steps and grow. BusinessSpace means business - your business.