Main Features

And Add-Ons

BusinessSpace Main Features

Rich profiles with various alerts, Professional shiny design and layout, Realtime notification tools, including system-wide and local announcements, Individual and group blogs, Build dynamic groups around user-defined areas of focus, Create personal networks of fellow employees ("site in site"), Create multiple networks based on interests / relationships, Send email notifications to your lists of connections, Texts and designs edited in the admin cp, Rich contact importers (Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, Myspace, etc.), Premier members can asvertize their profiles, Rich network news alerts, Community design fully configurable, Blocking users from contacting a member, Users can recommend each other, Professional community and global events module, Paid job listings, Bulettins posting for your contacts to see, Paid premier membership, Professional classifieds module with images, User can define if his community will be paid or free, Ajax widely used across the site to make the work smoother, Common communities introduced by the administrator, Community news, groups, etc. administration by the founder of the community, Groups can be public and private, Communitirs can be public and private, Forums module, Search for groups, people, etc., Recommended communities shown on the profile, Professional messaging system, Bookmarking users, A user can create numerous communities within the site, Rich contact management tools, News can be added by any member of a community and approved by the admin, WYSIWYG profile editing, Search can be narrowed only to some of your communities, Friendly URLS for communities and profiles.

System requirements
PHP 5.1 and higher,
MySQL 4.1 and higher,
Linux/Unix (RedHat, Debian, FreeBSD, Mandrake, etc.) or Windows OS,
Apache Web-Server with .htaccess support,
GD Lib 2.0 and higher
ionCube Loader for the license files