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BusinessSpace is used by companies and organizations who need a professional communication platform in order to achieve professional goals. It helps to builds friendly creative atmosphere.

Also our software is used by individuals and companies who want to open public community sites like and earn on membership fees and advertizing.

Why LinkedIn Costs $1,000,000,000?

LinkedIn CEO Dan Nye wrote in a blog post recently that the company is now worth more than $1 billion.

Why so much money? Well, LinkedIn is more profitable than most of the social-networking fray. The site currently has 23 million members, small compared with Facebook or MySpace. But its white-collar focus–billionaire Bill Gates is proud of his profile–means that the people using the site likely aren’t going to be college students scrounging for pizza money. That lets LinkedIn rake in premium advertisers and charge quite a bit for them–reportedly $75 per thousand impressions.

LinkedIn’s recent growth is dramatic when compared with that of Facebook and MySpace. Over the past year, the business networking site has grown by 361 percent, according to Nielsen Online data, compared with 56 percent and 3 percent growth for Facebook and MySpace, respectively.